The bitter truth: Do greens drinks have to taste like your lawn? Hana is changing minds

Let's dive into the vibrant world of greens drinks, where the quest for optimal nutrition often comes with a side of, well, unique flavors.

Have you ever spent $60 plus on a package of greens powder advertising flavors such as Peachy, Sweet Lemon or Green Apple, only to discover you have to choke them down? Well, you haven't met Hana Fiber & Greens yet. We spent months trying flavor profiles and didn’t rest until we perfected a tropical flavor that everyone loves.

Mixing up a scoop of greens should create a kaleidoscope of nutrient richness, antioxidants and detoxifying superfoods all packed into a single glass; but every other greens drink on the market always had the same result, while my body rejoiced at the nutrient infusion, my taste buds revolted. The diverse array of ingredients in greens mixes contributes to a complex flavor profile, making it challenging to achieve the sweetness we often crave in beverages. Hana Fiber
& Greens uses all-natural ingredients and flavors along with natural stevia to sweeten. You've never enjoyed feeling better combined with a burst of delicious flavor like this before.

It took months of trials, but we couldn’t rest until we defied the nasty greens reputation.

Other greens powders feature a mix of leafy super greens that contribute to a robust earthy undertone that’s hard to swallow. Bitterness, does not have to be in the flavor profile in order to get all your superfoods and greens. Hana uses super-refined chlorella, spirulina, dulse, barley, alfalfa, beetroot and several other superfoods in a combination that is never bitter, only delicious.

Our proprietary all-natural flavoring is sweet and refreshing without a hint of the “grass clipping” flavor that you get in other greens. Chicory root, one of our soluble fibers, is also a natural sweetener that doesn't have a significant effect on your blood sugar and has a smooth mild flavor.
So, you can now embrace all the nutritional benefits of a greens drink that tastes fantastic!

Hana Fiber & Greens offers a delicious and convenient way to flood your body with essential prebiotics, probiotics and vitamins and minerals. I guarantee you Hana is not another greens drink you have to plug your nose to swallow.

Cheers to nutrition that finally tastes amazing!



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